Education by cooperations

As the metallurgical industry is dealing with a lot of job vacancies, Flanders Metals Valley has created the working group “Education” where we want to enthusiasm education by cooperating with …

  • primary, secondary and academic/professional education
    and increasing awareness about metal topics & issues.
  • STEM academies
    (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) & getting children involved with the our industry.
  • Technopolis,
    to create awareness around the metallurgical sector.
  • VLAIO projects
    & subsidized STEM-partnerships through which we can bring student in contact with our industry.

Flanders Metals Valley Industry Nights

Throughout the year, Flanders Metals Valley is organizing “Flanders Metals Valley Industry Nights” at universities in Belgium during which member companies can present themselves and present the job and internship openings they have on offer.

These events create a win – win as student get the opportunity to speak to young engineers giving the company pitches and afterwards have a talk with the company HR managers to directly go into the details of the jobs and internships on offer.

The details of these Industry Nights can be found on our events page.

Internship and job opportunities

Flanders Metals Valley is also operating as a platform to which students can send  their internship requests. Flanders Metals Valley will pass these internship requests on towards their members who then have the opportunity to contact the student and invite him or her for an interview.

Students can send their details towards Flanders Metals Valley via the following link.

The metallurgical sector in Belgium is looking for talented people to fill in the many job opportunities which are open in the sector. Flanders Metals Valley is grouping the links towards all the job opportunities which our members have on offer.

Feel free to go and have a look and get in touch with the members directly.