Internship & Job Opportunities


Are you interested in doing an internship with one of our members?

As an intern in this field, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge while working with skilled professionals… From manufacturing and construction to aerospace and technology. We are excited to let you join our team and contribute to our efforts in advancing materials science and engineering. Let’s work together to create innovative solutions and make a positive impact in the world of metallurgy.

Job Opportunities

We are excited to offer you a clear overview of the jobs which our members have on offer. Check our job board for our member’s jobs, relevant to the FMV community.

Apart from our job board, which contains our member’s critical vacancies, you are invited to look into the member’s other job openings.

With just one click on the member logos, you can visit any job site that may interest you.  Our members include top companies active in the complete circular metallurgical chain going from scrap collection, sorting & recycling to raw material extraction, metal production, metal refining and residu valorization to the manufacturing of products. We also have knowledge institutes and universities active within our member community.

We are committed to providing you the resources to achieve your career goals. Therefore start exploring now and discover the endless possibilities for your future!