Flanders Metals Valley Member

Sweco Belgium

Sweco is Europe’s leading engineering and architecture company with a broad multidisciplinary offer. We plan and design the sustainable industrial plants, communities and cities of the future. Together with our clients and the collective knowledge of our 20,000 engineers, architects and other experts, we co-create solutions to make our industrial plants and societies more sustainable.

Sweco has in-depth expertise in engineering and construction management for the various industrial sectors: chemicals, ferrous/non-ferrous, pharma, food and energy. Every day our 2,500 experts in Belgium, of which more than 400 within the Industry division, are working on projects that make a real impact on society. Each from their own drive, working towards that one goal: leaving behind the world a little better for the generation after us.

(Picture: Energy positive Sweco office in Zelzate)

We develop solutions for tomorrow’s industrial installations and test them against new operational, safety and sustainability standards. Our designs lead to installations with higher resource and cost efficiency on the one hand and less environmental impact on the other hand.

(Picture: Wind park Storm @ ArcelorMittal)

Sweco has been assisting key industrial clients for a long time and we effectively test new technologies together that will make a difference in the transition to a sustainable society. Sustainability has been on the radar within the industry for several years and a large number of projects related to energy optimization and CO2 reduction have already been realized, mainly to comply with regulations. We feel and see that sustainability is now the driving force behind the growth strategy of industrial companies. Numerous pilot projects are currently being launched, the energy transition and circular economy are reaching cruising speed.

(Picture: Knowledge sharing across teams: from energy transition and hydrogen, through circularity and water to environmental impact and climate resilience.)

We distinguish ourselves with a genuine sustainability programme and an internally developed sustainability review that is applied to carry out all our assignments with the lowest possible environmental impact. Furthermore, we have a specialised hydrogen team and industrial water team. We set up international Sweco teams related to niches such as hydrogen, carbon capture and battery technologies to exchange knowledge and expertise.

We can support clients from A to Z, starting from concept engineering, permitting and applying for subsidies to the practical realisation of projects. Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer a wide range of services, which is unique in Belgium.

(Picture: We deliver added value for the sustainable projects of today and tomorrow)


As a partner of Flanders Metals Valley, we at Sweco are proud to contribute to a sustainable and circular industry. We believe that innovation and collaboration are the key elements to transform the metallurgical sector and making it ready for the future. Transforming Society Together is our vision to tackle the challenges of this century together with our clients: from climate change to digitalisation, from production efficiency to energy transition.

Filip Verheyen // Division Director Industry at Sweco Belgium

The climate goals pose significant short-term challenges for the industrial sector, but also create huge opportunities. Industrial products are needed to realise the climate transition. The need for different and more sophisticated materials from other sectors will even continue to increase. In a circular economy, we will transform waste streams into renewable fuels or raw materials.

Gaëlla Delcour // Operational Manager Industry & Program Coordinator Circularity Sweco Belgium