Flanders Metals Valley Member


Rezinal is the architect of zinc recycling; it transforms zinc sheets and crude zinc skimmings from hot-dip galvanisers info high-quality secondary zinc. The company has its industrial operations in Zolder, Belgium and serves a global worldwide customer base. It focusses on applications where expertise in zinc materials metallurgy make a difference, as such serving the brass manufacturers and hot-dip galvanising industry, as well as zinc oxide and zinc dust producers.

Today, with an infinite capacity, Rezinal is Europe’s largest secondary zinc producer and one of the leading producers in the world.


Rezinal nv from Belgium is the trendsetter in sustainable recycling of zinc ashes (zinc skimmings), zinc scrap and other zinc-containing materials info secondary zinc of the highest quality.

Rezinal processes old zinc sheets or zinc scrap that has reached the end of its useful life. Some well-known examples of zins sheet products are roof gutters, rainwater pipes, external wall and roof cladding. There is no loss of valuable raw materials even during the manufacture or installation of these sheet zinc articles.

Rezinal also processes the remnants generated during the manufacturing process or during installation into raw materials for the zinc-processing industry. Crude zinc ashes (also called skimmings) are the residues left behind in the galvanising bath after the hot dip galvanising of steel. The zinc ashes appear as a thin layer on the surface of the galvanising bath, and are removed after each cycle. Among other things, Rezinal processes zinc ashes received from hot-dip galvanising (construction), zinc-coating of wires and pipes, and zinc smelting residues. An ecological solution, since it keeps the chain closed, and zinc ashes are converted into valuable raw materials.

Our efficient production process enables us to produce secondary zinc of the highest quality, apart from by-products such as fine zinc ashes and zinc bottom dross. The secondary zinc and by-products are used in high-value applications, such as brass production, hot-dip galvanising and zinc oxide production


At Rezinal we are thrilled to be a member of Flanders Metals Valley. The network provides us with invaluable opportunities to collaborate with like-minded organizations, share knowledge and expertise, and explore new markets and technologies. As a company committed to sustainability and innovation in the metals sector, we are excited to be part of a community that shares our values and goals. We look forward to continuing our partnership and contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous future for the industry.

Dieter Stulens // Commercial Director