Flanders Metals Valley Member


At REAZN, it is all about zinc alloys. We are passionately committed to circular economy and our goal is to create and provide prime-grade zinc alloys using mainly zinc scrap. Created by engaged people we are driven by innovation, continuous improvement and a thinking out of the box mindset. Simultaneously, we are anticipating the challenges of a continuously changing world and permanently improving our zinc recycling solutions. 

Customer approach: By constantly striving to meet the needs of our partners while keeping track of our values, we managed to build a worldwide network of long-term relationships based on mutual trust. We attentively listen to our customers, engage in dialogue, and customize our products to fulfill their needs. In addition to our prime-grade products, we provide best in class service to our customers. 

REAZN is your fully committed and reliable zinc expert and your circular economy partner. With our knowledge and technologies in upcycling zinc units, we implement closed loop solutions to reduce our carbon footprint and the ones of our stakeholders. 

Get ready for circular economy – and transform the industry with us!