Flanders Metals Valley Member


FINOCAS is a joint venture between the Flemish Region and ArcelorMittal Belgium that focuses on society’s needs: energy, durability and environment. OCAS and Endures are the research centres of FINOCAS, together with BIL Industry, a joint venture between FINOCAS and Belgian Welding Institute, while FININDUS is its investment company.

The unique ecosystem powered by FINOCAS Group subsidiaries allows to combine competences on topics such as renewable power generation, green mobility, lifetime prediction and extension, environmentally friendly coatings, and provide a multi-disciplinary service offer for a world in transition. Whereby materials’ selection is underpinned with performance testing.

OCAS is active in metallurgy, coating and application development, in particular by processing and testing of metal-based samples. OCAS speeds up the R&D processes of its customers through a specialised multi-disciplinary approach combined with innovative testing methodologies.

By joining forces with ENDURES and BIL Industry, the research activities of the FINOCAS Group embrace intertwined competences.

FINOCAS supports the transition towards a carbon neutral society by its CO2 competence centre. FINOCAS contributes to converting the ambition of the steel industry to reduce its CO2 footprint (following the 2030 and 2050 climate targets set by the EU) into reality.  This includes partnerships with technology providers and coupling projects to other industries and relevant players, including identifying and incorporating technically and economically feasible solutions. The joint investment company FININDUS of ArcelorMittal and Flemish Region provides early-stage financing and growth capital to innovative companies across the industrial value chain, ensuring the bridge function between a global steel group and start-ups.


Metal industries are a cornerstone of our economic fabric in the region. At Flanders Metals Valley we care about the needs of these industries in relation to society's needs, now and tomorrow.

Dr. Ir. Sven Vandeputte // CEO Finocas group NV