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Affilips is one of the leading producers of master alloys in the world, together with its sister company KBM in the Netherlands. In Tienen more than 500 different alloys are produced, based on all available metals.

Affilips’ customers use these master alloys in the manufacturing of a wide range of highly specialized metal products, including special steels, catalysts, superalloys, nuclear reactors and other demanding applications.

In detail:

KBM Affilips is your hassle free global partner of choice for the supply of master alloys. The fully integrated group consists of two production companies, KBM Master Alloys (The Netherlands) and Affilips (Belgium) – both founded in the early sixties of the last century – and their marketing and sales company KBM Affilips (The Netherlands).

As one of the leading players in the international market the KBM Affilips group is a totally export-driven organisation that ships about 50,000 tonnes of master alloys to 80 countries annually, serving a wide range of metal industries. Consistent and excellent product quality is assured by independently certified quality and environmental management systems, modern laboratories and R&D facilities.

Affilips in Tienen has an excellent reputation as a producer of aluminium-, copper-, nickel-, cobalt- and zinc-based master alloys. Many of those alloys are unique in the world and are used in highly specialised applications. Since a master alloy is per definition remelted by the customer, only intermediate products are produced by Affilips, albeit in many different shapes and sizes.

Flexibility is key: the chemical composition, shape, size and volume can typically all be customized to our customer’s needs. Low volume requests for alloys with exotic elements, are treated as equally important as large volume requests for mainstream alloys.

The production in Tienen is largely based on secondary raw materials (more 60%). Primary metals are only used to meet strict specifications or if the production process requires it. There is a continuous effort to keep increasing the usage of secondary raw materials, to actively contribute to a circular economy.

Our sister company KBM, with two plants in the Netherlands, focusses on the production of aluminium-based master alloys. Next to the hardeners, they are also one of the leading producers of aluminium grain refiners (rods and bars) in the world.