Flanders Metals Valley Member


The JGI-HYDROMETAL group provides innovative recycling solutions for the recovery of non-ferrous metals, facilitating the sustainable use of natural resources. The group relies on its expertise to generate added value from secondary materials derived from industrial processes, actively contributing to the circular economy. Activities strictly adhere to safety, prioritize the well-being of employees, and uphold environmental standards, meeting the highest quality benchmarks in the industry.

The primary focus of the JGI-HYDROMETAL group lies in the recovery and trading of non-ferrous metals present in a variety of materials, including concentrates, slags, filtration dust, catalysts, alloys, drosses, sludges, filter cakes, and more. These materials undergo processing to generate various substances, such as sulphates, salts, hydroxides, oxides, carbonates, or refined metals. When not incorporated into finished products, the purified metals, stripped of impurities, serve as raw materials for diverse industries, including metallurgical plants, the chemical industry, the glass industry, foundries, refineries, and others, catering to specific applications.

As an entity within the Belgian SILOX holding, the JGI-HYDROMETAL group comprises Jean Goldschmidt International and its four subsidiaries: HYDROMETAL Belgium, HYDROMETAL France, HARZ OXID Germany, and JGI Thailand.

Philippe HENRY

Director JGI-HYDROMETAL group

“We are convinced that fostering cross-collaboration among metallurgical companies, universities, and research and technology organizations is essential for effectively addressing the evolving complexities of metal recycling and for advancing the development of more sustainable processes across environmental, social, and economic dimensions.” Philippe Henry, Director JGI-HYDROMETAL group.