Flanders Metals Valley Member


InsPyro is a technology company specializing in the optimization of industrial processes within the field of metallurgy.

Our services to industry include:

  • Thermodynamic modelling (melting point, reaction energy, oxidation/reduction, …)
  • Flowsheeting (mass & energy balance of a production line, GHG calculations, LCA analysis)
  • Fluid dynamics (calculations to improve gas flows, mixing, heat transfer, heat distribution, ventilation, …)
  • Building digital twin of operations
  • Characterization of raw materials, accretions, refractory, …
  • Lab scale metallurgical trials

As a consultancy company in the field of metallurgical processes, Inspyro is aimed at technical improvement of existing processes, as well as conception of new processes for sustainable production and recycling. Established in 2009, the company has a broad experience in both short and long term B2B projects, as well as in the development of software products.

InsPyro’s role is often bridging the practical needs of production companies and scientific methods and discoveries. Combining modelling and simulation with advanced characterisation and lab work, as well as with industrial tests and industrial experience, InsPyro has already been able to cooperate with >50 companies in >10 countries. Our team is active in both non-ferrous and ferrous projects.