The 8th international Slag Valorization Symposium

  • 18 - 20 April 2023
  • Lamot Congress & heritage center
    Van Beethovenstraat 8/10 - 2800 Mechelen

Today in its 8th edition, the “Slag Valorisation Symposium”, organised by the Materials Engineering Department at KU Leuven and held in Belgium since 2009 as a biennial conference, serves as a forum for discussions on the valorisation of slags and other high-temperature metallurgical residues.

The symposium has historically brought together different expertise from academia and industry, providing a knowledge platform to share and discuss the upcoming challenges and opportunities in the world of slag valorisation and sustainable high-temperature processes. After a virtual edition in 2021, we are happy to invite and welcome again high-level speakers from globally recognised organisations.

The symposium aims to cover several topics, from the scientific and technical relevance of slag valorisation to its environmental and economic impacts. The quality of the scientific committee, selected among the most recognised experts in this field, will ensure the highest standards of the accepted works.

More information regarding the symposium and a link towards the registration page can be found here.