Meet FMV members at SIM Materials Forum

  • 11/05/2022
  • SIM Materials Forum

This half-day event is set up to exchange knowledge and skills, and provides updates on the current status of SIM projects. Furthermore, it enables visitors to meet up with the materials community in Flanders and beyond.

Get to know the industry and gain insights on material innovations. Stroll on the materials market, discuss science & engineering during the poster session, and listen to our program managers sharing their vision. In other words, sign up for SIM Materials Forum.

The event takes place during the Advanced Engineering fair, a trade show concept based on the creation and production of innovative products. This makes SIM Materials Forum an ideal platform for companies that contribute towards the production of innovative products, technologies and electronics. So, come along and kill two birds with one stone!

Read more here: https://www.materialsforum.be