FMV Workshop

  • 23/06/2021
  • Online

12:00-13:45 Education and training (30 participants)

This started very interactively with online polls about the background of the participants and some agree/disagree questions. 3 boards were created in Miro, an online brainstorming tool: 1 for elementary school, one for high school and one for higher education. 3 groups of 10 people then brainstormed about actions to involve industry in education, to increase interest in metallurgy and science in general. Each group started at a different board, adding ideas using post-its. After 20 minutes, the tables turned and a new group continued the job on the board. This way, every group got to submit ideas for every board. There were fixed moderators for every board, to facilitate the discussion and make sure results could be summarized.

In the end, the results were prioritized using voting stickers. The session ended with participants putting their name up for follow-up actions.

14:00-15:45 Research and Innovation (53 participants)

In the weeks leading to the workshop, the participants were asked to mark topics of interest. These were grouped into 4 categories, of which each participant could follow 2. Every brainstorm session was prepared beforehand and moderated by a FMV volunteer.

There is a keen interest to collaborate on technical challenges and realise the circular value chain of metals. Many challenges were identified on the high level, which provides valuable input for further deep-dive sessions.

16:00-17:45 Image to Society (24 participants)

The image of every company is partly determined by the overall image of the metals sector. Inversely the image of the metals sector is set by the image of the companies involved in the sector. We’re all travelling on the same boat. It’s no surprise that the different participants found a common ground to work on.

What is the image of FMV? What is the reality? What are channels to convey this image? With many communication managers present, the exchange of experiences was very useful.

The storyline of FMV generates enthusiasm with all participants and members can broaden their horizon by referring to FMV.