Flanders Metal Day at Nyrstar

  • May 18, 2022
  • Nyrstart

When Nyrstar became a subsidiary of Trafigura in 2019, it meant a second breath for the company. Substantial investments were also made in sustainability, including at Nyrstar’s Belgian operation with sites in Balen and Pelt.

Apart from the fact that zinc can be endlessly recycled, the zinc smelter in Balen is among the most energy-efficient in the world and operates almost entirely electrically. Nyrstar also participates in nearby large solar and wind energy projects; on sunny days the zinc smelter can run almost entirely on green energy.

Earlier this year they also started the construction of one of the largest battery energy storage systems in Belgium. This involves an investment of thirty million euros in a system that will be able to communicate with the Belgian power grid at crucial times. By deploying renewable energy during periods of high energy demand, the battery increases the stability and balance of the Belgian grid.