European Metallurgical Conference 2023

  • 11 - 14 June 2023
  • CCD Conference Center Duesseldorf
    Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61 - 40476 Duesseldorf - Germany

GDMB organizes the most important, biennial conference for non-ferrous metallurgists in Europe. More than 400 international experts, scientists and decision makers will discuss the latest developments in their area of expertise like aluminium, copper, zinc. lead and precious metals.

The European Metallurgical Conference of 2023 is dedicated hydrogen usage in metallurgical processes, lithium as key resource for the electrified age and green house gas emission reduction. They will welcome recognized specialists to share their knowledge on H2 utilization for energy supply and CO2-reduction, lithium winning from geo-resources and lithium recycling, and learn more about process virtualization and Industry-4.0 applications.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet experts from all over the world and book your ticket via the following link.