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FMV Seminar: Energy Management

The Virtual Battery Project of Nyrstar offers a lot of potential, also for other industries that are already electrified or need to electrify in the near future.

Steven Vaelen and Chiel van der Vaart

During the past Seminar on Energy Management, our Flanders Metals Valley members were treated to an inspirational line-up of speakers, in an awe-striking environment.

First off, was mr. Bert Gysen, the Unit Manager Energy Technology at Vito, our host who introduced us to EnergyVille, what they do and what they work around.

Mr. Pieter Lodewijks showed us his fascinating insight on Paths2050, a time we will all be super electrified. Mr. Lodewijks talked about the different demands for residential, transport and industry sectors, together with the challenges to electrify our whole system, and of course, the cost.

Next up, mr. Philippe Alboort presented us with ArcelorMittal’s view on his company’s road to carbon neutrality, describing a.o. the local complexities and various stakeholder needs.

From Nyrstar, we had mr. Steven Vaelen and mr. Chiel van der Vaart on how their company is already almost fully electrified, and how their production is depending on the production of renewable energy. We learned that their Virtual Battery project helps lower the energy prices in Belgium as well!

After the keynote speeches, we were treated for a visit of the EnergyVille building, at the wonderful Thor Park in Genk. We witnessed EnergyVille’s experiments with batteries, solar technology, insulation, and just so much more. Ms. Sofie Ignoul and mr. Bert Gysen not only proved to be experts in their fields, but also endearing guides with great storytelling capabilities.

We would like to thank all involved, particularly our great hosts mr. Bert Gysen and his team at EnergyVille, and our speakers mr. Pieter Lodewijks, Philippe Alboort, Steven Vaelen and Chiel van der Vaart.