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Job Shadowing for PhD candidates & postdocs 2024

The 2023 pilot edition of Job Shadowing was a success. So, VLIR (Vlaamse Universitaire Raad) are happy to organise yet another run for the purposes of career orientation on the part of the early career reasearchers and employer branding on the part of the employers!

What do we mean by job shadowing?

By job shadowing we mean an informal, experiential learning on the work floor organised for the benefit of mature PhD candidates ( ≥ 3rd year of PhD trajectory) and postdoctoral researchers.

A young researcher shadows a specific job function within your organisation to learn about the realities of working within a particular industry, or shadows several colleagues to be exposed to your company culture.

Job shadowing involves – amongst others:

  • observing, and networking with, experienced professionals
  • conducting informal interviews to obtain information about a job functions and career advice
  • sitting in on staff meetings and/or staff trainings
  • taking a tour of the company premises

These 1 or 2 days of job shadowing will not only enhance the ability of PhD candidates and postdocs to make informed career choices, but will also feed into  your high potential talent pipelining.

Still wondering why you should engage in job shadowing as an employer?

Job shadowing gives employers an opportunity to

  • connect with high potentials and strengthen your talent pipeline
  • promote your employer brand
  • assess a participant’s ‘fit’ for a particular position – no strings attached!
  • broaden your professional network

For all practicalities, please visit the VLIR website, by clicking here.