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Flanders Metals Day at Aurubis & Umicore in Olen

On the 29th of March, for the first time, Flanders Metals Valley organized a combined Flanders Metals Day in 2 companies. As the plants of Umicore and Aurubis in Olen are interlinked and located just next to each other, these two Flanders Metal Valley members joined forces and opened their plants for 60 of our members.

Both companies are specialized in transforming metal concentrates, scrap metals and metal-bearing recycling materials into metals.

Aurubis in Olen is specialized in the production of copper anodes, copper cathodes, Aurubis Rod, Aurubis Foxrod and Aurubis bars & profiles. With the copper products they lay the solid foundation for the gigatrends of the future as digitalization, e-mobility, … The plant in Olen employs over 630 employees who, together with the complete Aurubis Group, aim for a green future of sustainable possibilities and solutions.

Umicore is a leading specialist in the circular materials technology. The plant in Olen revolves around recycling, clean technology, research, development and the production of high-tech materials based on cobalt and germanium. These materials can be found in rechargeable batteries and solar energy which makes Umicore, next to their key role in other industrial sectors, a key player in the transformation towards a carbon-free mobility.

As a bus ride limited the walking distances our participants had to cover, but nevertheless, the buffet and drinks which Aurubis and Umicore had provided were very much welcomed after a busy day.

During the networking moment the participants were invited to try out the new updated “ResourCity app” which was explained by Philip Marynissen of VITO. This app, created by VITO, is a Pokemon-Go like STEM-app for youngsters. It gives them the possibility to hunt for chemical elements in augmented reality and learn on materials chemistry & urban mining. It is also a showcasing instrument for circular projects.

Companies have the opportunity to link themselves as an ambassador to a chemical element in the game, create a hunt or use the app for school visits, employer branding or as a community tool.

Details of this event can be found via our Flanders Metals Valley LI page